Walk in my birthday shoes

Present for myself? Of course….July was my birthday month, and for those that know me….will say I am definitely the QUEEN of high-low, when it comes to fashion! Personally I take such pride in that…because who doesn’t like nice things (but at a deal price of course). Well, every year, I purchase a birthday present for myself…why? Because, I like myself…and there are certain I will not ask others to buy for me…and….

Well sometimes, you have to splurge on yourself…like Drake says, “Yolo”…right. Well my birthday shoes, were my present and splurge for myself, beccause these puppies aren’t on sale. The are what I call, my car shoes… the shoes you wear whoile driving are walking to and from the office, so you don’t mess up your heels…And of course they go with everything.

Tell me, do you buy yourself a present for your birthday, or special occasions?


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