Starting the Week off Strong

For Most Sunday’s are a day for recovering from Saturday…. I chose to think of this day as a new beginning to my week. This is a time to renew myself, shake of any “bad” habits or choices I made in the previous week. I usually start my day with a tall glass of water with lemon (which is sitting at my bedside), then I go for a 4 mile walk, where I clear my mind and take in all the beauty and wonders that have been created, that I get to enjoy. This ritual puts a smile on my face for the remainder of the day…then. It’s off to the farmer’s market for some fresh flowers and French bread (yes, I said French bread…my weakness). After running errands…it’s time for a 2 min meditation and maybe a little at home Pilates…before making dinner (a healthy one of course…but that’s another post).

I know it seems like a bit much, but, this is my way to unwind feel good like I am doing something good for my well being and nurturing my soul and body. By the end of the day a warm bath (with bubbles of course), some blogging, editing , posting and reading…. all before bed. By the time my head hits the pillow….I am satisfied that I have been productive and ready for the week ahead… Here’s a peak of the beginnings of dinner…

Tell me how do you spend your Sunday?


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